Friday, October 23, 2015

'Portage Interlocking'

Railway articles west of the Lakehead

1979 CPR Car 39 at the Fort la Reine Museum, Portage la Prairie
Van Horne's former western car - used during CPR construction - is found and preserved.
Interior views.

Portage 1985 - First Section
'Vacation weather' at Portage; Symington; Overview maps and timetables.

Portage 1985 - Second Section
Winnipeg; the Lord Selkirk II; CP yard; Greater Winnipeg Water District; 19Y hoop at Portage.

Portage 1985 - Third Section
Prairie Dog Central and its former route; Portage yard activity and map; loading covered hoppers with grain.

Portage 1985 - Fourth Section
Mennonite Heritage in Steinbach; Wheat harvesting circa 1910; Old maps of southern Manitoba; Wartime propaganda; Coal trains.

Portage 1985 - Fifth Section
Portage westbounds; Austin MB 1905 grain elevator; Wooden boxcar from 1914; Prairie branch line map 1891-1931; Burnside elevator; Intermodal at dusk.

Portage 1985 - Last Section
Spruce Woods Provincial Park; Lake Agassiz; Local Equated Tonnage Ratings and the lay of the land; Wheat crop 1913 infographic; Barry switches at Headingley; Marathon and Sault Ste Marie scenes.

Portage 1987 - First Section
Eastern Alcos; Algoma Central; White River; Heron Bay; Winnipeg yards; trains at Portage.

Hudson Bay Railway - Some History
A Different kind of Canadian railway; The Prairies are angry; The Times; The Money?; 1913 chaos at Port Nelson and in the Commons; Floating north; World War Two; Unforeseen benefits.

Portage 1987, Second Section - to Churchill
Off to Hudson Bay! .. Saskatchewan; At The Pas; In to Thompson and out with piggyback; The Longest Day; Churchill gets it - an overview; We're not Canadians.. vs I'm telling you how it is!

Portage 1987, Third Section - Grain Boxcars for Churchill
A quick look at the elevator and some railway features of Churchill, Manitoba.

Portage 1987, Fourth Section - A Last Look at Churchill
More photographs, some local history, information from a 1969 Manitoba Royal Commission.

Portage 1987, Fifth Section - Farewell to the Hudson Bay Railway
The last day southbound and evidence from the 1969 Royal Commission on Northern Transportation.

Portage 1989, CPR Minnedosa; Neepawa and Riding Mountain
Stations, 1920s map, Waghorn's Guide, 1920.

Portage 1989, GMD-1
At day's end, some GMD-1s visit Portage.

Portage 1993 - First Section
Sault Ste Marie, ACR and Algoma Steel; Portage CN and CP trains and track details; Deep roots!; VIA's little Portage railway; Postcard: Winnipeg Union Station circa the Great War.

Portage 1993 - Last Section
CP west yard tracks; Can-Oat; Burnside; Trackwork in the east yards; There was none such as the Nonsuch .. Prince Rupert + 2 French guys = 1.5 million square miles; Finishing up at Kearns.

Great Northern Railway, 1950 Public Timetable
A system map, Winnipeg trains, named trains and their equipment.